Spring Fever! February 27 2018

Spring Fever!

I love spring for so many reasons.  I especially love the colors of crocus, tulips, daffodils and peonies.  The air smells fresh and sweet. It never feels like its long enough and then Summer creeps up with a new set of flowers, scents and colors.

My favorite fashion colors for Spring 2018 are so much like the colors of spring flowers. Pink lavender: soft and romantic. Ultra Violet: an intriguing and fascinating purple color. Little Boy Blue: a sky blue that promises a new day. Meadowlark: a confident, illuminating yellow.  Blooming Dahlia: understated and a suggestive scent of Blooming Dahlia.  Almost Mauve: a gentle and fleeting color. Arcadia: a cleaner, cooler green.

I also love Sailor Navy and White.

Some of the fashion silhouettes I gravitate toward are clean, trendy but classic. The men’s inspired striped shirt is a “must” in everyone’s closet. Off the shoulder and peek-a-boo shoulder tops are still a hit.  

        Pinstripe shirt                    Blush Camo Cosmetic Bag   

Camouflage is still here to stay but I like it on the muted side for Spring. Blush Camo is my favorite color bag this season.

Navy canvas magazine bags, weekenders, totes are hot trends along with the canteen straw bags making its debut.

canteen bag

Jeans are shark bitten at the ankle, two toned, cropped, straight, high- waisted, mid–rise. White and denim colored jeans are my favorites. Denim dresses and tops make a comeback with a trendy twist.

Camouflage dresses in muted tones are softer and more feminine.     


Jewelry is either multi layered long necklaces or sweet delicate short necklaces, sparkling with stones or handmade with vintage charms.

Lastly, I have fallen in love with the new Panier Des Sens soap scent White Grape, with renewing natural extracts of tonifying Organic White Grape, antioxidant Grape Seed Oil, anti-aging Vine Leaf, and exfoliating Grape Seeds, this detoxifying range was especially developed for tired skins. Cultivated from certified organic white grapes and has a French designation of origin protected.   It’s a timeless beauty ingredient that will never go out of style.

Hope you enjoy our selections for Spring 2018!


Anita Manfredonia





The Buzz at Pippy&Lily This Fall! September 27 2017

Customer Buzz at Pippy&Lily so Far this Season!

Autumn is here and I am more excited about this season than seasons before.

It’s still warm and it’s late September. Customers’ seem to be on a fast track in gathering their Autumn outfits. We can feel the excitement, we hear the positive comments and we love it. Thank you!  Consumer confidence is stronger than ever before.

Our boutique has tweaked its assortment recently. We added more apparel and accessories and weaned out the home décor and tabletop categories. We took a big sigh of relief knowing it was the right thing to do. As the retail atmosphere changes in brick and mortar stores, online retailing is on an upward journey. However, small businesses are on the rise. Customers like the quaintness, personal touch they get when shopping in small shops.

We added more apparel brands, colors, and sizes for our working gals, moms and daughters. We gathered a collection of unique jewelry some of which are handmade, Made in America, brands that give back to good causes, and we especially love our jewelry made by entrepreneurial women. Fun fashion jewelry is still a boutique favorite.

Our new classic/ trendy handbag and clothing line is blowing out the doors. We also added a “Paris meets Boho” clothing line arriving mid October.


“Newness is essential and making it an exciting experience in a boutique is a must!”

We continue our trunk shows and fundraisers starting this October 4th kicking off our third annual LiveOnNy Organ Donor Day. We will be signing up organ donors one person at a time. Helping to save the lives of those 10k New Yorker’s on the transplant waiting list.

On November 4th we will showcase our local jewelry designer who is starting to make Pippy&Lily her second home. Necklaces made of semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals and unique clasps are our customer’s favorites. It only happens three times a year so you won’t want to miss this last event of the year!

Here’s to hoping the Fall momentum overflows into the next season so we can enjoy an exciting holiday like no other!


Anita Manfredonia  Owner

Pippy&Lily, Inc.

Spring's Colors and Textures 2017 January 17 2017

I love everything about Spring, the smell of crisp, clean air with hints of flowers in bloom. Fresh green grass and pastel blue skies create my favorite colors. No wonder Pantone chose “Greenery” as their color of the season. It evokes optimism, hope and rejuvenation.  This year as I was in the market shopping for Pippy&Lily’s new Spring apparel and accessories, I found myself drawn to another amazing color pallet. We all must own a blouse, cape, vest or cover up in the color blush, champagne, rose, pink, taupe or peach. I love these colors, especially when the fabric is soft lace, crocheted cotton or sheer cotton. The styles were romantic and feminine. Another color that oozes Spring and Summer is Navy Blue. The ponchos, cover-ups, scarves, dresses and blouses were amazing.  The color and styles are clean, sophisticated yet fun and reminds me of being on the Atlantic Ocean.  Say tah-tah to Black for now and hello to gorgeous Navy!  White is so beautiful when it’s crisp and especially in a crocheted poncho with soft fringe. Beach cover ups were everywhere in every style. I can’t wait for Summer.

Cotton knit sweater in champagne with open shoulders and long sleeves.                              cut out tote bag in taupeAccessories such as handbags, jewelry, wallets, hair accessories etc..are all in good company with the romantic theme of Spring. Cut out totes and evening bags in black or taupe are perfect for a Spring day. Lace chokers, delicate chain lariats and earrings are a must, along with suede lariat chokers. Pink druzy stone earrings and necklaces look amazing with Spring’s new romantic fabrics and colors.     

                 Choker with pink stone and gold tasselJewelry is delicate and very inspirational this season. Necklaces, bracelets and rings all whisper a beautiful inspirational and/or spiritual word to remind us daily of what’s really important in life.  I especially love the leather wrap bracelets with many different empowering words surrounding ones wrist. I specifically like the charitable contributions made to humanity with every sale.  This is the season of newness, fresh starts, opening windows, cleaning out closets and adding the colors and textures of Spring!

Inspirational words on 5 leather wrap bracelet

Let's Make Oct. 6, 2016 and Extraordinary Day! September 27 2016

Last Year Pippy&Lily participated in a One Day, One Goal Event with!

We were excited to sign up over 30 organ donors in a single day at our boutique so that we could help the thousands of New York organ recipients waiting on the organ donor list.

Quick Fact: Over 9,705 people waiting for Organs in NYS. Every 18 hours someone in NYS dies waiting for an organ.

My brother's friend George was a family friend and almost like a second brother to me. He was young, extremely smart and very personable. He was a tech guru and everyone who knew him always called upon him to help with their confusing computer issues. He always knew the answers. He also was a great trivia game player. I was always amazed how he knew so much about so many topics! He was my hero.

Many years ago, he developed emphysema in the prime of his life and needed a double lung transplant. He waited so long and as time went on, he couldn't work. He was on disability and had to move to a friends apartment because he couldn't afford a NY City apartment anymore. Then the 5th floor walk up was too much for his lungs to handle so he moved to a local shelter. With a wheelchair and oxygen tank in tow, he managed to keep living life as best as possible. 

The emphysema only got worse and his many trips to NY Presbyterian Hospital got harder and harder.

Finally, he got the call that a person passed away and he would get the double lung transplant he waited for for so long!  Post operation, it was a long road to recovery but he did recover and participated in many normal activities for a very long time.

About 5 years into his new life, his lungs were having a hard time and the Dr.'s said it would be time to try for a second set of lungs. He knew the routine and was only happy to wait.

His lungs never came as he waited and waited. No match and no donor.

I can't let this happen to someone else so I am sponsoring and hosting our 2nd annual Organ Donor Day this year. On site, we will have volunteer friends, customers and nurses ready to answer any questions about the day.

Please help me honor George's memory by signing up as an organ donor on Oct. 6th at the Pippy&Lily boutique. You could be the one who saves a "George" someday.

Please email or call for more information. or 516.456.6638.


Anita Manfredonia

Owner/ Pippy&Lily, Inc.




Pippy&Lily's 1st Video. The Journey! June 16 2016 2 Comments

Since it's graduation time for a lot of students young and older, I decided to finally create a video of my dream and journey. Hope you enjoy it! To all the graduates out there...Don't Stop Dreaming! xoxo Anita

The Mother's Day Gift Guide March 29 2016

Spring is when we shed our coats, boots, sweaters and all our heavy fabrics! I love Spring for so many reasons...I especially love the lighter weight clothing, hot and vibrant colors, new flowing scarves, cover ups and new jewelry styles and trends.

  • My favorite bags are the personalized totes made of striped canvas, jute or navy searsucker! Let Pippy&Lily monogram or initial each one with a vibrant Spring color initial!
Striped Canvas Tote with Initial
  • The bag that you must check out is the new Mighty Purse that has a cell charger in every handbag and wallet. The new Spring styles are amazingly fashion forward and classic. A perfect gift for Mom. Join us for a Trunk show on Saturday April 16th from 12-4pm to see the latest bags and offer from HButler. Mighty Purse Clutch with Cell ChargerMighty Purse Reversible Tote with Wristlet and Cell Charger
  • HButler even has a new men's wallet that is sleek and handsome...perfect for Father's Day! It has a cell charger inside the wallet! The Navy color is my favorite.
  • Another one of my favorite gifts is the personalized jewelry from ShameOnJane!     14kt dipped and sterling silver charms with or without a diamond! Create your own necklace by adding an initial tag, cutout initial, cubic zirconia heart, cross, star of david, mini initial, or cutout "&" and heart symbols. A trunk show is scheduled for Saturday April 16th 12-4pm to see the latest jewelry for Mother's Day Gifts.
ShameOnJane Personalized Jewelry

    Another of my absolute favorite Mother's Day Gifts are from JW Maximal Art and NLS Inspirational Jewelry both handcrafted in the USA.  JW Maximal Art's New Rose Gold Sorority Gal Initial Bracelet is as classy as the person wearing it. NLS created a new Lasso Necklace with Druzy Stone made of hand hammered copper and brass. Each has a brass or copper bar with an inspirational word. Create your own necklace or wear an original. Words include: Blessed, Grateful, Dream, Strength, Inspire, Loved, Fearless and Peace. 2 weeks to handcraft.

     Rose Gold Sorority Gal Initial braceletNLS Lasso Necklace CopperDruzy Bracelet with Inspirational Word


    The Mighty Purse Everyone Needs to Own. September 14 2015

    We've all been there when your cell phone dies and you don't have your charger handy. Now there is an answer and it's fashionable! The Mighty Purse had a built in cell phone charger tucked away in a fabric sleeve in the center compartment. The fabric sleeve snaps to the interior of the purse,so the battery charger is designed to blend in. The USB charging cable is neatly tucked away in a zippered pocket, and the whole arrangement has a very slim form factor that fits neatly into the purse. It's really lightweight and you'll never know it's there. It will charge your cell approximately 2 times per charge. To charge the battery, just lift the charger out of the bag or keep it in and plug the USB cable into your tablet or Laptop.

    The bags come in an array of colors and styles. Pippy&Lily will have a mix of wristlets, crossbody bags and wallets. The bags are either leather or vegan leather. New this Fall will be the fringed crossbody bags. Stop by our boutique and see them up close and personal.

    Pippy&Lily, 161-05 29th Ave. Flushing, New York 11358.

    Pippy&Lily Fall 2015 Fashion Forecast August 10 2015

    Just returning from the New York Accessories and Fashion Trade show has made me so excited for Fall to arrive! Yes,on this hot summer day….

    I always like to purchase accessories and clothing that are classic yet have a slight trend attached to them. You always feel polished with a classic, yet adding a trendy embellishment or one single trendy piece will make you look stylish in the moment.

    So, here’s what I found.

    Handcrafted in the USA!  Sentimental and inspirational jewelry handcrafted with 14kt gold, brass and/ or stones. Charms, Charms, Charms…especially initials, hearts, stars, feathers, lips, Buddha, or foliage.                                                                                                    

    Crystal stone earrings are hot…semi-precious, glass or crystal.

    Personalized Jewelry: Single Initial charms can be worn alone or with other initials or symbols. 14kt gold dipped over sterling silver, sterling silver, or ones with CZ stones. Add a chain or chord to create your own style necklace. They can be as individual as you are. I love them because they are affordable and make a great gift. 


    Handbags: One MUST and I repeat MUST have a crossbody bag this season. Fringe is everywhere….However; you will need a bag that is fashionable yet functional. I found a crossbody/wristlet handbag that has a Smartphone charger inside. It will charge your phone up to 2xs before a need to charge the battery. Recharge the battery using a USB port and you’re done. These leather bags come in all colors. There’s even a faux leopard, cork and faux pony-hair bag. I especially LOVE the ones with fringe!! Totes are still selling well. I love the ones that have a second bag inside that you can use as a crossbody bag or an organizer.

    Cold Weather Wear….Thick cable knit turtleneck ponchos, hoodie ponchos, hounds-tooth wool scarves, tartan plaids, two toned scarves and fingerless Smartphone gloves with faux fur.

    Plaid capes in Oak Buff (Pantone color for Fall 2015).



    Apparel: Another "Must Have" is a sweater with fringe. Sweaters are comfortable, lightweight, slouchy and feel like a soft blanket against your skin. Sweaters with a touch of leather piping are classic and simple. Jeggings are back as well as high waisted jeans. They’re great looking and we’ll have them in Stormy Weather (Pantone) color grey and well as Indigo. New to the boutique are black stretch leggings with ankle zippers as well as jeans with faux leather sides. See them at the Pippy&Lily boutique.  

    New to our collection will be lace bikini lingerie, more apparel and new jewelry brands.

    Pantone Colors Fall 2015: Stormy Weather, Biscay Bay, Oak Buff, Marsala, and Desert Sage are my favorites since they are classic and can be worn with many other colors.

    Happy Fall Shopping!

    Anita Manfredonia

    Customers I Meet Along the Journey! June 10 2015

    Today at the boutique, I was faced with a customer's husband telling me his wife had passed away. He said she always loved the store and he felt the need to stop in and tell me. Besides the overwhelming grief and shock I felt, I realized as I have so many times in the last 3 years, that I am so lucky. Geri would stop in every few months if she felt well enough after kidney dialysis. Her husband would drive her up to the door and wait in the car until however long she wanted to shop. She was one of the bravest women I have ever met. She was always pleasant and never let on to the battle she faced daily. I hope she is at peace now.  I will miss seeing and talking with her again.

    I get the chance to meet some of the most amazing and beautiful people of the neighborhood. I know their kids, sisters, brothers, family and friends. They openly tell me their most personal stories, both good and bad. We laugh, we sometimes cry together. 

    Looking back, I opened the boutique to bring pretty, unique, and attainable products to those who want to feel and look good. Or, to bring a gift to a friend, hostess or to say "thank you". In the grand scheme of things, I feel lucky that my little haven Pippy&Lily draws those who feel happy or sad, ill or well...if it makes them joyous for the moment, then I did my job!

    God bless Geri and her family at this time of overwhelming grief!  

    Anita Manfredonia

    When Your Cat And The Namesake Of Your Boutique Passes Away. February 27 2015 1 Comment

    When my first cat passed away at the age of 18 after a procedure at the Vet's office, I thought I would never get another animal. The pain was so deep and so heartbreaking, I could never handle losing another animal again. That was my first rescue cat and I considered her my best friend. No judgment just pure genuine love and affection.

    After 5 years without an animal, I decided to rescue a beautiful tuxedo kitten that was left in the street alone. The Southhampton Animal Shelter was fostering him and I scooped him up without a second thought. He was only 6 months old. I named him Pippy! He was the most loving, affectionate and needy little boy. I babied him.  Six months later, I rescued another kitten from the Southhampton Animal Shelter again so that he could have a companion. Her name is Lily. She is a calico with an attitude of a thousand tigers. Pippy found it very challenging to deal with her. She wanted to be the only cat in the house. He was content with anything that happened in the house. She was a big annoyance to him. But, he learned to love her because that was Pippy...a gentle soul without any mean bones.

    They lived together for the last 10 years and have brought me the most joy, love and peace anyone could ever hope for. These are gifts I was given. Pippy was only on earth until this past Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 after losing his 2 year battle with Chronic Kidney Disease. The pain is back....deep and heartbreaking. I think to myself, the 11 years that I owned him and the immense love that he gave was worth all this pain that I have. I will never forget him as he will always fill my heart with warmth and amazing memories.

    If you are a compassionate person and are on the fence about owning an animal, think no are losing out if you don't! 

    God bless our Pippy.




    Our New Vintage Jewelry Line That We LOVE! November 15 2014

    We are so excited to launch our new handmade vintage jewelry line John Wind Maximal Art! For over 25 years John Wind Maximal Art has produced great looks that have just the right amount of trend.

    "John Wind/Maximal Art has always taken pride in manufacturing the majority of our jewelry in the US. We still use the manufacturing vendors that used to make up the “jewelry and findings capital of the US” in Rhode Island and other parts of New England." 

    "Our Modern Vintage aesthetic is inspired by a passion for travel, art, fashion, and style, along with a love for the symbolism and history of vintage jewelry."