The word is out! Pippy&Lily is the talk of the town! Check us out in these fine publications.
The Queens Courier wrote an amazing article about our humble beginnings!
February 19, 2018
Surviving & Thriving in Queens, Pippy&Lily
We're so excited The Flushing Times wrote an article about our LIVEONNY fundraiser! October 16, 2015
Press Business Flushing
We were thrilled when Time Out New York featured an article about Pippy&Lily. In addition, they also feature some of our great products in their magazine from time to time. We are also featured online & would greatly appreciate a review under the article.
Our local paper, The Times Ledger featured us earlier in 2013. They captured the essence of Pippy&Lily & described us as:”The store…only opened in November but its hardwood floors, fireplace and smart furniture make it seem like the shop has somehow been transported to Queens after existing for decades in Europe.” Thank you!
The Bayside Times also featured us in their print & online edition. We are so happy that the word is spreading & Pippy&Lily continues to bring in more members of the local community.
Bayside Life Magazine has featured us in their November/December 2013 issue! Check out our article below.