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Let's Make Oct. 6, 2016 and Extraordinary Day!

My Friend George-

Last Year Pippy&Lily participated in a One Day, One Goal Event with!

We were excited to sign up over 30 organ donors in a single day at our boutique so that we could help the thousands of New York organ recipients waiting on the organ donor list.

Quick Fact: Over 9,705 people waiting for Organs in NYS. Every 18 hours someone in NYS dies waiting for an organ.

My brother's friend George was a family friend and almost like a second brother to me. He was young, extremely smart and very personable. He was a tech guru and everyone who knew him always called upon him to help with their confusing computer issues. He always knew the answers. He also was a great trivia game player. I was always amazed how he knew so much about so many topics! He was my hero.

Many years ago, he developed emphysema in the prime of his life and needed a double lung transplant. He waited so long and as time went on, he couldn't work. He was on disability and had to move to a friends apartment because he couldn't afford a NY City apartment anymore. Then the 5th floor walk up was too much for his lungs to handle so he moved to a local shelter. With a wheelchair and oxygen tank in tow, he managed to keep living life as best as possible. 

The emphysema only got worse and his many trips to NY Presbyterian Hospital got harder and harder.

Finally, he got the call that a person passed away and he would get the double lung transplant he waited for for so long!  Post operation, it was a long road to recovery but he did recover and participated in many normal activities for a very long time.

About 5 years into his new life, his lungs were having a hard time and the Dr.'s said it would be time to try for a second set of lungs. He knew the routine and was only happy to wait.

His lungs never came as he waited and waited. No match and no donor.

I can't let this happen to someone else so I am sponsoring and hosting our 2nd annual Organ Donor Day this year. On site, we will have volunteer friends, customers and nurses ready to answer any questions about the day.

Please help me honor George's memory by signing up as an organ donor on Oct. 6th at the Pippy&Lily boutique. You could be the one who saves a "George" someday.

Please email or call for more information. or 516.456.6638.


Anita Manfredonia

Owner/ Pippy&Lily, Inc.