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When Your Cat And The Namesake Of Your Boutique Passes Away.

When my first cat passed away at the age of 18 after a procedure at the Vet's office, I thought I would never get another animal. The pain was so deep and so heartbreaking, I could never handle losing another animal again. That was my first rescue cat and I considered her my best friend. No judgment just pure genuine love and affection.

After 5 years without an animal, I decided to rescue a beautiful tuxedo kitten that was left in the street alone. The Southhampton Animal Shelter was fostering him and I scooped him up without a second thought. He was only 6 months old. I named him Pippy! He was the most loving, affectionate and needy little boy. I babied him.  Six months later, I rescued another kitten from the Southhampton Animal Shelter again so that he could have a companion. Her name is Lily. She is a calico with an attitude of a thousand tigers. Pippy found it very challenging to deal with her. She wanted to be the only cat in the house. He was content with anything that happened in the house. She was a big annoyance to him. But, he learned to love her because that was Pippy...a gentle soul without any mean bones.

They lived together for the last 10 years and have brought me the most joy, love and peace anyone could ever hope for. These are gifts I was given. Pippy was only on earth until this past Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 after losing his 2 year battle with Chronic Kidney Disease. The pain is back....deep and heartbreaking. I think to myself, the 11 years that I owned him and the immense love that he gave was worth all this pain that I have. I will never forget him as he will always fill my heart with warmth and amazing memories.

If you are a compassionate person and are on the fence about owning an animal, think no are losing out if you don't! 

God bless our Pippy.