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Customers I Meet Along the Journey!

Today at the boutique, I was faced with a customer's husband telling me his wife had passed away. He said she always loved the store and he felt the need to stop in and tell me. Besides the overwhelming grief and shock I felt, I realized as I have so many times in the last 3 years, that I am so lucky. Geri would stop in every few months if she felt well enough after kidney dialysis. Her husband would drive her up to the door and wait in the car until however long she wanted to shop. She was one of the bravest women I have ever met. She was always pleasant and never let on to the battle she faced daily. I hope she is at peace now.  I will miss seeing and talking with her again.

I get the chance to meet some of the most amazing and beautiful people of the neighborhood. I know their kids, sisters, brothers, family and friends. They openly tell me their most personal stories, both good and bad. We laugh, we sometimes cry together. 

Looking back, I opened the boutique to bring pretty, unique, and attainable products to those who want to feel and look good. Or, to bring a gift to a friend, hostess or to say "thank you". In the grand scheme of things, I feel lucky that my little haven Pippy&Lily draws those who feel happy or sad, ill or well...if it makes them joyous for the moment, then I did my job!

God bless Geri and her family at this time of overwhelming grief!  

Anita Manfredonia