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Grateful To Be In Business

Grateful To Be In Business

So here we are again! We’re approaching spring 2019 and we feel so grateful to be in business. We are entering our 7th year at Pippy&Lily! When did that happen?

While retail is changing and spinning like a top, I wonder where it will end up when it slows down. Stores big and small falling daily like dominoes. Online shopping is taking over almost every business category.

I sometimes think, should I stay or should I go?  Do I have the patience, know-how, and strength to keep trying?  I think what would I do if I didn’t have a boutique to go to everyday? Will my customers move on to the internet for good? All these things go around in my head.   Should I feel better that other stores are struggling too and not just me? Not that I want anyone to struggle.

We are all rowing in the same direction….forward! However, will the internet and artificial intelligence overpower us like a huge tidal wave?   I believe if you want to be in it, you must be in it hard and play the game hard. If you can’t handle it, get out. It’s not that simple however.

I choose to forge a friendship with this new retail world. That doesn’t mean I will have a website only and not a store. I Love what I do and I have an obligation to my customers to try and stay around.

They are the reason I am here.

I believe that everything is cyclical even though I know the internet isn’t going anywhere. So, I will have to change my plan. Change must happen. It’s not only about the products we sell anymore, it’s about having fun, escaping to a place that gives you peace and joy when you shop. Customers need to participate or experience something. They need what the internet cannot give them. I still believe we all need to be with people.

I plan to offer more interactive events and hard to find unique products that make our customers want to visit our boutique. Not everyone is going to want to stay indoors and shop online all the time. Just like animals need each other to survive. We, especially women, like to be heard. We like to vent, laugh, cry and help one another. We are stronger when we’re together. We will endure. We will proceed together in this crazy retail world.

Happy Spring!


Anita Manfredonia